Digital Art “Underwater Girl” High Quality Fine Art Print

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* Printed in a Hahnemmühle certified Studio for fine art printing

* Printed on a 300g/m2 Fine Art Paper with 100% Cotton ideal for Digital Art prints

* You will receive a certificate of autenticity

* Available in 4 sizes. For custom sizes, please contact us via email to inquire about availability and pricing

* Allow small variations in the illustration to adapt to the different ratios of sizes available, which in no way affect the image as a whole

* Please note that colors may vary slightly due to screen differences

* All prints are packed and protected in acid-free paper + art tub or flat compact card mailer depending on its size

* Frames and decorative accessories in the pictures are for ilustrative purposes only and are not included. To keep your art lasting, lovely and lush, keep art prints away from direct sunlight and under a protected glass.

* Handle it with care. Avoid touching the printed part of the artwork. Please, read more about how to care of your valuable art print in the link below.

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of “Underwater Girl”

Step into the tranquil depths of ‘Underwater Girl’ and experience a serene escape from the chaos of everyday life. 

This captivating digital artwork portrays a young woman who finds solace and serenity in a magical underwater world.

With her eyes gently closed and face upturned, seeking solace beneath the water’s surface, she exudes a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

Her long, flowing brown hair dances weightlessly around her, creating an ethereal aura of calmness and grace. 

Delicate bubbles escape from her lips, hinting at her submerged state, where she effortlessly breathes and embraces the ethereal atmosphere.

As she submerges herself in the peaceful underwater realm, the absence of sound envelops her like a soothing embrace.

The silence becomes her sanctuary, providing respite from the clamor of a bustling world and the demands of a busy social life. 

In this serene solitude, she finds the space to breathe, to reflect, and to rediscover herself.

The ‘Underwater Girl’ is a reflection of the artist’s own journey as an overthinker, seeking moments of stillness and respite to recharge her social batteries. 

It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of slowing down and finding moments of quiet introspection amidst the constant noise of modern life.

Amidst her tranquil sanctuary, vibrant fish with fantastical patterns swim through her hair with grace and curiosity.

Their colors mirroring the vivid imagination that fuels her creative spirit. 

A seahorse gracefully hovers in front of her, seemingly captivated by her presence. 

Each creature exhibits patterns and colors reminiscent of a mystical and imaginary realm, ranging from soft pinks to vibrant yellows, oranges, and turquoise.

In this underwater sanctuary, silence reigns, interrupted only by the gentle sounds of water and the harmonious melodies of marine life.

In this underwater oasis, the ‘Underwater Girl’ discovers the power of solitude and the magic of disconnecting from the external world. 

It is a place where she can dive freely, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and rediscover her own unique perspective of the world.

It is a reminder that sometimes, the most profound moments of clarity and self-discovery can be found in the silence. 

It is a call to embrace the stillness, to recharge, and to emerge from the depths with a renewed sense of purpose and tranquility.



“She is living Dreams” is a captivating digital art print collection that serves as an artistic representation of desires, magical dreams, emotions, and inspirations that bring individuals a sense of peace and encourage them to become their best selves.

The collection primarily features girls and their dreams within a peculiar and ethereal world, adding an element of fantasy and enchantment to the digital artwork.

Each illustration within the collection aims to evoke a sense of wonder and transport viewers to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

The dreams depicted in the artwork range from whimsical and fantastical scenarios to deeply personal and introspective moments.

The artist masterfully brings these dreams to life through their creative interpretation and visually striking compositions.

The digital art style employed in “She is living Dreams” combines vibrant colors, intricate details, and imaginative landscapes, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience.

The use of surreal and dreamlike elements further enhances the otherworldly atmosphere of the illustrations, drawing viewers into a captivating narrative.

“She is living Dreams” stands as a testament to the transformative and uplifting nature of dreams, emphasizing their ability to empower individuals, foster personal growth, and inspire you to reach your fullest potential.

Through its amazing digital art representation of dreams and emotions, this collection invites you to embrace your innermost desires and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


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Sara Baptista


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SART – Arts by Sara Baptista



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