Digital Art “Bee Yourself” High Quality Fine Art Print

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* Printed in a Hahnemmühle certified Studio for fine art printing

* Printed on a 300g/m2 Fine Art Paper with 100% Cotton ideal for Digital Art prints

* You will receive a certificate of autenticity

* Available in 4 sizes. For custom sizes, please contact us via email to inquire about availability and pricing

* Allow small variations in the illustration to adapt to the different ratios of sizes available, which in no way affect the image as a whole

* Please note that colors may vary slightly due to screen differences

* All prints are packed and protected in acid-free paper + art tub or flat compact card mailer depending on its size

* Frames and decorative accessories in the pictures are for ilustrative purposes only and are not included. To keep your art lasting, lovely and lush, keep art prints away from direct sunlight and under a protected glass.

* Handle it with care. Avoid touching the printed part of the artwork. Please, read more about how to care of your valuable art print in the link below.

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Immerse yourself in the irreverent beauty of “Bee Yourself”

This captivating digital artwork, titled “Bee Yourself,” is a reflection of the desire to embrace our true selves, even if it may seem peculiar or unconventional to others. 

It cleverly plays with the phrase “be yourself, honey,” transforming “be” into “bee” and utilizing “honey” with a double meaning.

The artwork depicts a young and beautiful woman with a powerful and serene expression that exudes a sense of “Girl Power.” 

Her face is adorned with several bees, symbolizing a harmonious coexistence between her and nature. 

Two bees rest on her face, while one finds its place on her chest. 

A furry bumblebee delicately perches on her slightly parted lips, as if engaged in a gentle conversation. 

Another bumblebee approaches her closely, flying in the vicinity of her face. Despite their presence, she remains unperturbed, radiating confidence and inner strength.

Traces of golden honey trickle down from beneath her eye, gracefully gliding along her chin and lower lip.

It is as if the sweet nectar of life is an integral part of her being, seamlessly intertwined with her essence. 

Her vibrant, fiery red hair is elegantly tied up in a bun, signifying a sense of purpose and determination.

She dons a white T-shirt with a plunging neckline, where an intricately embroidered bee takes the place of the word “bee.”

The word “Yourself” is skillfully stitched, followed by the word “honey” with a charming honeydrop embroidered at the end. 

This artistic detail adds a touch of whimsy and reinforces the playful and symbolic nature of the artwork.

The image may appear unconventional at first glance, but its beauty lies in its boldness and strength. 

“Bee Yourself” serves as a powerful reminder to embrace our individuality, to let our true selves shine unapologetically. 

It encourages us to find strength in being different, to celebrate our uniqueness, and to live authentically, even in a world that may perceive us as unconventional.

May this inspiring artwork be a symbol of empowerment, reminding us to bee ourselves, to embrace our distinctiveness, and to honor the beauty and strength that lie within us.



“She is living Dreams” is a captivating digital art print collection that serves as an artistic representation of desires, magical dreams, emotions, and inspirations that bring individuals a sense of peace and encourage them to become their best selves.

The collection primarily features girls and their dreams within a peculiar and ethereal world, adding an element of fantasy and enchantment to the digital artwork.

Each illustration within the collection aims to evoke a sense of wonder and transport viewers to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

The dreams depicted in the artwork range from whimsical and fantastical scenarios to deeply personal and introspective moments.

The artist masterfully brings these dreams to life through their creative interpretation and visually striking compositions.

The digital art style employed in “She is living Dreams” combines vibrant colors, intricate details, and imaginative landscapes, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience.

The use of surreal and dreamlike elements further enhances the otherworldly atmosphere of the illustrations, drawing viewers into a captivating narrative.

“She is living Dreams” stands as a testament to the transformative and uplifting nature of dreams, emphasizing their ability to empower individuals, foster personal growth, and inspire you to reach your fullest potential.

Through its amazing digital art representation of dreams and emotions, this collection invites you to embrace your innermost desires and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


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SART – Arts by Sara Baptista



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