Stardust and Lavender Mist


This artwork is titled “Stardust and Lavender Mist” and it’s one of the pieces created by the artist to participate in challenges organized by other artists. For her, it’s a way to challenge herself, reinterpret ideas, and give them a personal touch, often quite different from the initial concept, while still preserving its essence. It’s also an opportunity to experiment with new themes and interact with other artists in an artistically interesting way.

In this piece, the artist explored cooler and darker tones, painting lavender in watercolor, reminiscent of calm and spring-like scents and sounds. True to her style, she introduced a small twist by replacing the bracelet on the character’s arm with a tattooed phrase, which is her usual way of conveying messages in her illustrations: “you are a diamond; they can break you” – a motivational quote to complement the jewelry adorning the central figure of the artwork.