Collecting happiness and pink poppies


This artwork captures a moment of simple and pure joy. It depicts an idyllic garden of large pink poppies that makes us wonder if it’s a dream, a magical garden, or a symbolism of how we feel smaller in the face of the wonders the world has to offer when we truly take the time to observe. The cyclist’s expression radiates happiness, and her flowing hair gives a sense of freedom. Her little companion accompanies her on this journey. The artwork aims to portray what happiness is: a collection of small, often simple, happy moments. Someone who truly is happy isn’t so because they always feel happy, but because they know how to find happiness in simple things and moments. They are aware that being happy is not a permanent state; it’s about collecting happy moments like in a memory album, of which this illustration seems to be a part, and giving them weight and greater importance than the antagonistic ones.