Tightrope of Womanhood


Inspired by the complexities of womanhood, this artwork portrays the resilience and strength required to navigate the challenges faced by women. It was created as a special piece for International Women’s Day and emerged as the perfect addition to “beyond boundaries flight” series. A woman walks a tightrope, balancing the intricate dance between heart and mind, symbolized by trees shaped like a brain and a heart. Her wings, representing freedom and aspiration, are ensnared by ivy branches, hindering her ability to soar. Despite the obstacles, she maintains a dignified poise, embodying the grace and elegance that women exhibit in the face of adversity.

This artwork portrays the obstacles that cross the path of those who dare to change and fight for their dreams and ideals, aiming to draw attention to the fact that these obstacles are still much larger for women even today.And certainly even greater for some than for others.

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