The Invisible Caregiver


This artwork, entitled “The Invisible Caregiver”, is part of a collection of 5 pieces created within the scope of a project commemorating the palliative care service of the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Coimbra. The project, called “Cuid’arte”, was an invitation from this service that I accepted with immense honor, allowing me to merge my two worlds: my past as a nurse, especially in the palliative care field, and my present as an artist. It enables the merging of two purposes: creating art with meaning and shedding light on the true nature and importance of palliative care. This artwork follows a chronological order, although not mandatory and not always linear. This is the second piece of this “chronology”.

The artwork focuses on the informal caregiver (although it can also apply to healthcare professionals), often invisible in their own pain. This piece aims to draw attention to their importance throughout the process and to highlight the value of their involvement in caregiving. The underlying message is clear: the pain and burden faced by the caregiver should not be ignored or underestimated. It is essential to recognize and support those who take on the role of caregiving. In this context, the artwork emphasizes the need to care for those who care, offering them the necessary support to address the emotional and physical challenges they face daily. Caring for caregivers and helping them care becomes, therefore, a fundamental priority in this palliative care scenario.

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