Rising to Purpose


A young woman takes flight with butterfly wings in an idyllic setting, bathed in sunlight. Her billowing dress seems to glow and float in the sky, her hand outstretched as if about to touch a blooming branch, with beautiful wild flowers on the ground, creating a scene of tranquility. This moment signifies her realization of true potential and the purpose she is meant to embrace, along with the inner peace that only comes when you find your true place and path.This artwork represents the moment when we dare, finally, to use our wings, to take the first steps (or flights) towards our goal. It’s that moment when we feel more confident and at peace with the decision. 

As this is an ongoing collection so intimately linked to the artist’s artistic journey, we can understand that there isn’t always a linear path, that feelings change, and new realizations and conclusions emerge throughout the entire process. The artworks reflect this, alongside changes in particularities in the technique and artistic style itself as time passes and pieces are created.

Art works from the collection

Beyond Boundaries Flight Collection

Carrinho de Compras