Overcast Mind


This piece is titled “Overcast Mind: Version TWO,” and as the name suggests, it’s a reinterpretation of another artwork created for the “Dancing Shadows of the Soul” collection; more specifically, a reimagining on the theme of overthinking! This collection portrays various internal struggles, mental health issues, and moments of challenges or difficulties. Mental health is something I consider important to demystify and give proper attention to, so I created this collection to shed artistic light on the topic and share my perspective. 

This artwork depicts something that many of us, including myself, try to combat: the constant rumination on the past and attempts to control the future, the thoughts that plague the mind in a whirlwind that often makes us feel mentally empty from being so full and tumultuous in this intense struggle to analyze past events and predict future ones, preventing us from living in the present. It’s a portrait symbolizing the mind as a garden to be tended, with the thorn bushes representing the confusion of thoughts that entangle ideas and perceptions of the present, depicted by the flowers that bloom within it. These thoughts seem to battle each other, wearing us down and tiring us. It’s an invitation to mindfulness practice and anything else that helps care for this garden so that beauty, peace, and harmony may reign. Like in other works, symbolic and stylized elements, or those more akin to simple drawings, merge with others more realistic, aiming to portray emotions as faithfully as possible, without straying from my artistic particular style, where smoother elements blend with deliberately more pronounced lines.

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