Nurture your shine


This artwork is titled “Nurture Your Shine” and it’s one of the pieces created by the artist to participate in challenges organized by fellow artists. For her, it’s a way to challenge herself, reinterpret ideas, and give them a personal touch often different from the initial concept, while still preserving its essence, experimenting with new themes, and engaging with other artists in an artistically interesting way. 

In this piece, the standout element retained is the small bursts of light above the beautiful woman’s head and her interesting hairstyle with two buns on each side. The artist decided to portray her unclothed and adorned with tattooed flowers and a phrase that gives meaning to the bursts of light above her: “take care of your sparkle.” Perhaps because one of her passions is to attribute meaning to each piece and convey a message through it, no matter how simple. The young woman’s fixed and intense gaze seems to mirror the brightness she carries and emanates beyond herself. The background could be any casually scribbled lattice where intertwined cells of poppies painted with watercolor techniques make them more delicate and translucent, reminiscent of warm and sunny months.

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