Inner Light


This piece is titled “Inner Light” and symbolically, as well as through tattooed words, speaks to the importance of nurturing our inner light. Our inner light is our essence, what makes us ourselves and unique, and what brings us comfort and peace. The artwork was created to challenge other artists to reproduce it in their own vision on the occasion of the artist’s birthday. The moths, aside from their beauty, hold great symbolism in this piece as they are attracted to light and here, they seem drawn to the central character of the artwork as if she herself were light. The tattoo on her arm draws attention to this fact, and the tattoo on her chest seems to be made of light or transformed into light itself. The artist is passionate about mindfulness and mental health, and this piece is another representation of that. The “light we radiate” when we are mentally well, and for that, we must allow ourselves to nurture our true selves and accept them with their limitations. Each of us has this inner light, and it is the source of true beauty and peace if we let it shine and help it to shine.

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