Pink garden all around


This artwork is titled “Pink Garden All Around,” and it’s one of the pieces created by the artist to participate in challenges organized by other artists. For her, this is a way to challenge herself, reinterpret ideas, and give them a personal touch, often resulting in something quite distinct from the initial idea but still preserving its essence. It’s about experimenting with new themes and interacting with other artists in an artistically interesting way.

This particular piece has become quite distinct from the original proposal, maintaining the pink hue of the hair and the presence, albeit very different, of pink flowers. It’s a work that plays with both realistic and stylized elements, incorporating watercolor techniques, line art, and parts that resemble sketches of an unfinished drawing. Perhaps it was here that the artist’s passion for mixing techniques and styles that supposedly shouldn’t be combined began. The flowers and the pink color dominate the piece, appearing like a spring dream where they seem to leap from the environment to adorn her dress and grow larger all around her.