Fundamental Love


The artwork, entitled ‘Fundamental Love,’ was initially inspired by the tradition of kisses beneath the mistletoe during the holiday season, specifically focusing on the phrase ‘Love and mistletoe.’ Based on this premise, the piece depicts someone beneath this plant, in a position where they embrace themselves, stripped of clothing and thus devoid of pretenses, revealing some tattoos that serve as the motif of the storytelling. One tattoo depicts the kiss tradition along with the phrase ‘the most important type of love.’ Along the back, following the spine as if symbolizing what sustains it, is the phrase ‘be complete within yourself; you are enough.’ These two phrases encapsulate the true essence and message of the artwork. It brings together several of the artist passions: ‘This digital art not only embodies this ideal and reminder but also features my favorite color combined with one of my preferred combinations, the flower I admire the most, my love for birds, and watercolor. I poured my heart into it, and I hope that comes through to you.'”

“Self-love is what I consider one of the fundamental pieces for mental health. This precious asset, which I often portray in my works in more or less obvious ways, is of utmost importance.”

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