Chasing Rainbows


“Chasing Rainbows” is inspired by those dreamy road trips to idyllic destinations where we delight in the beauty of the landscape and the fresh air breezing through the open car windows. It’s as if we’re chasing the feeling of happiness and freedom, cherishing the good moments and the joy of embracing the journey to the destination. The focal point of the artwork is the flowing hair, which seems to be coming towards us, imparting a sense of freedom. The car appears to be traversing a road made of rainbow, as if we’re about to find the “pot of gold” or the most dreamy destination at the end of the journey. But the journey itself feels like a dream. Symbolically, this piece represents the importance of cherishing the “journey” to our goals. Often, the best moments are found in the experiences lived along the way, and sometimes the destination may turn out to be different but perhaps even better than expected. The artist believes that we shouldn’t wait for specific events we idealize to be happy but rather appreciate the collection of simple moments of joy that lead us there.

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