Shared Core, Individual Layers


This artwork is titled “Shared Core, Individual Layers” and was created for the project/competition “Embracing Our Differences,” precisely focusing on equality and embracing differences at various levels in humanity. With great honor, it was one of the works selected among thousands internationally for the annual art exhibition in the year 2024.The exhibition takes place between January and April in the state of California.

“Shared Core, Individual Layers” is a digital artwork created on the premise that in a crowd, we can find many similarities and differences depending on the perspective and how deeply we look. Our differences make us unique, but we can always find points of convergence with others. This digital artwork showcases these differences, including ethnicity, age, weight, gender, and skin color, but it also focuses on our shared core, metaphorically portrayed through the X-ray, which to the majority appears the same. With an X-ray vision, would we really see differences? The beauty of diversity in the crowd lies precisely in embracing differences and observing the similarities that unite us.