Self Love


Self Love” portrays a relationship of love with oneself. It is not a portrayal of the story of Narcissus and his vanity. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of loving and respecting ourselves above all else, as only then we can truly love others in the best way possible. Here, we see a reflection that comes to life, offering comfort with a smile and a gentle touch on the face, to a self with an anguished expression. This piece sheds light on something so crucial for mental health – self-love – acceptance of our feelings and limitations, and belief in our potential. It underscores the importance of being happy and content alone, before anything else. This doesn’t diminish the significance of relationships with others and the world, but it serves as a reminder that the relationship with ourselves is the most defining and influential. While seeking support when needed is encouraged, it also encourages self-regulation, self-embrace, self-praise for achievements, and self-forgiveness for mistakes.

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