Raise your voice


“Raise Your Voice” is a representation of the past, present, and future all at once. It tells the story of someone who has always lived with the feeling that what they had to say was unimportant, or that they didn’t know enough to speak, or even that what they had to say could be misinterpreted and judged, or perhaps bring unwanted attention or disapproval upon themselves. Ultimately, someone who has never been able to speak their truth for reasons only they know. But this is the past, because the artwork also portrays a present where we stop listening to our inner voice driven by fears and insecurities that tell us to stay silent, and we remove the tape that has sealed our lips all this time. It also speaks of the future where that inner voice fades away, and where we open our lips and let out our truths that have always been kept inside us. These truths are represented by symbolic images flying in the wind inside bubbles of soap. Some are beautiful, others fierce and protesting, others of peace, and so many other things to be said. We unleash our flame and allow ourselves to show who we really are. All of this is also expressed in words through the tattoos on their naked body (as they finally revealed their true self) and in the message that the artist felt was missing to complete the piece; “I realized that I always had the words; just not the voice”… not because the voice didn’t exist but because it remained silent due to restraints and fears. For the artist, art is their voice, and here it speaks of mental health and believing in one’s own truth and not hiding it.

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