Joyful Tears


“Joyful Tears” captures the essence of an intense feeling that one may only experience a few times in life, if fortunate enough. This feeling is so profound that it’s challenging to put into words and even more so to comprehend if one has never felt it. It’s like the culmination of many emotions and achievements in a single moment, transforming into the purest and most magical sensation—an explosion of feelings in itself. The feeling of peace, purpose, immense gratitude towards something abstract (perhaps the universe) manifests into a wave of sensations throughout the body, accompanied by tears streaming down the face while wearing the most heartfelt smile. It’s a sensation of being illuminated and blessed to have reached that moment and to be able to feel it. Born out of the difficulty of describing and understanding such a feeling, this artwork aims to depict it as accurately as possible—as well as portraying something so abstract, intense, and indescribable can be captured.

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