Just Breathe


This piece, titled ‘Dandelions: Just Breathe,’ portrays a landscape in the late afternoon, where the sun’s rays illuminate a field of dandelions. Amidst them sits a woman with a concerned expression, also bathed in the golden sunlight, while two birds fly overhead. The birds adorn her hair with the fluffy dandelions. Everything evokes a scene of peace, except for her expression, prompting us to consider the importance of focusing on the present moment and taking a moment to breathe deeply and observe the beauty around us. The tattoo on her arm serves as a reminder to ‘just breathe,’ reminiscent of a deep breath, similar to blowing dandelions, and akin to what we are taught in relaxation sessions. This artwork is a reminder to slow down, take moments to be with ourselves, breathe deeply, focus on the moment, and relax.

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